celebrating peace and reconciliation

Harvey Andrews www.harveyandrews.com/  

The Bird Scarers  www.facebook.com/thebirdscarers

Maggie Boyle & Paul Downes  maggieboyle.co.uk/

Brian Bull – http://www.tradfolk.net

The Cannons. See pdf -  

Daisy Jacs– see pdf

Keith Donnelly – http://keithdonnelly.com

Rick Ford - http://www.rickfordsongwriter.co.uk/

Ken Hall– see pdf

Herbs and Leekies -– see pdf

Hissyfit -- see website – see pdf

Dave Howdon -– see pdf

Tom Hughes  – see pdf

The Laners -- http://www.thelaners.com/

Flossie Malavialle flossiemalavialle.co.uk/index1.html

Will Morgan – see pdf

John Morris

Denise Dryburgh

Pete Morton -- http://www.petemorton.com/

Tim and Anne Mundy – see pdf

PIVA -- http://piva.org.uk

Janet Russell – see pdf

Anna Shannon -- http://www.annashannon.co.uk/

Pete Shirley see pdf

Stephen Edkins

Graham Bellinger  https://grahambellinger.jimdo.com/

Kevin Hall

Colum Sands  http://www.columsands.com/

Tom Lewis  http://tomlewis.net/

Tony Wilson  http://tonywilsonstoryteller. co.uk/

Barry Barnett

Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer

Phil Maddocks

The Rag Tag Band

Cutts n Green

Sons of Clogger see sonsofclogger.com

Steve Turner steve-turner.co.uk/

Lucy Ward   www.lucywardsings.com/

The Wilsons  www.thewilsonfamilyalbum.co.uk/

John Williams--see pdf

The Young Uns - http://www.theyounguns.co.uk/

Mike Gledhill www.mikegledhill29.wix.com/musi

Chris Algar

Damien Barber

Sound Tradition

Winter Wilson

Tom Perry and Clive Brooks

Marie Little

Tom McConville

Peter Hopkins

Barrie and Ingrid Temple

Jim Radford

Mark Robinson

Paula Ryan

Rusty Wright

The Songbirds - Victoria Berringer and Jill Povey

Roy Clinging

Bob Fox

Grant Baynham

Hilary Spencer


Jim Mageean

Les Sullivan

Esther Brennan and Ian Buchanan

Hilary and Phil Hands

Adam Coxon

The Loop

Arnie Rainbow

Roy Heath

Artists information

Peace through Folk is blessed with a wonderful array of artists who have supported us, so we in turn support them. Follow the links to their web sites and other social media where available.