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Planet Earth          when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Peace Through


Peace Friendship Reconciliation

Through singing, making music, and all forms of campaigning performance art
-the voices and deeds of ordinary folk have changed the world and can continue to do so, especially as we move forward into the 'New Normal'.

Who are we??

Peace through Folk is a not for profit trust; a collective of like-minded folk who have been making meaningful things happen  from 1976 to the present day.   

Folk from all walks of life acting together through songs, music and all genre and creative forms to celebrate and promote Peace, Friendship, Reconciliation, Social Justice, and a better, kinder, more sustainable Planet Earth for future generations. Planning and delivering all sorts of events, most often but not always including music.
It all began with the ‘Folk Fiasco’ events in the 70’s and 80’s. The aim then and has always been to promote successful self-financing top line events with artists from a wide range of musical genres– not just traditional folk.

Over the years this has included great acts such as Jake Thackray, Mick Elliot, The McAlmans, Vin Garbutt, Sean Cannon, Neil Lewis, Bernard Wrigley, Shep Wooley, Hunter, Grace, Johnny Waterhouse Blues Band, Stephane Grappelli, Diz Disley, Martin Taylor, Jack Sewing, The Wilsons, Bob Fox, The Young Uns, Coope Boyes & Simpson, Pete Morton, Piva, and so many others who have graced the Peace through Folk stages at various venues around The Staffordshire Moorlands and farther afield. Over 40 years and hundreds of events later we are still at it but now charting new territories with new challenges and many new faces.

In Staffordshire Moorlands, weekly informal Sunday 'Fiasco' acoustic evenings were about to be launched at the end of March 2020. When Covid19 allows we will press on with those acoustic evenings which will take place in various venues, with a pre-planned concert style format, without PA and delivering an eclectic range of musical types - not just folk. We envisage 4 or 5 hosts will each take it in turns to organise, programme and run their evenings.

We intend to promote bigger regular concerts, featuring significant 'names' who have a common focus in terms of our core objectives, starting of course with The Pete Morton 'Golden Thread' Concert.

We hope (subject to Covid19)  that our calendar for what's left of 2020 and onward into 2021 will include artists such as 'Merry Hell', Reg Meuross, Chris Wood, Sound Tradition, Tom Reid, Robb Johnson, The Wilsons, Beans on Toast and the many names listed on our Artists Page that we know and love so well and have worked with over the years, and of course continued collaboration on events with the Leek Peace Choir when possible.

We are also working with others from a wider musical spectrum to make full use of the larger live venues in Leek and Staffordshire Moorlands and our various assets.

The Peace through Folk event kit, (PA, lights etc) is available to support affiliated events, artists and organisations. Our acoustic friendly PA and lights will we hope be in action at the Folk Club Tent at this year’s Moira Furnace Folk Festival (Covid19 willing!).

So, all in all we are quite busy - but in a steady way and with a wider profile.
Thank you for all your support over the years!   And do come back to us with any suggestions that you might have, especially if you want to get involved and help to make things happen.

For more information phone Malc on 07494738 939 or email us on peacethroughfolk@gmail.com

For the full report from the Zero-Carbon Britain  Seminar in Leek - Click HERE